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Young Mavericks focusses on the future-proofness of organizations and talent. We are digital thinkers who do. Sometimes stubborn, but always eager. Eager to be different. Eager to be better.

To achieve this, we work with programs and projects linked to the most recent and important technological developments, in which passionate talents will awaken companies with their specific knowledge and enrich the companies with new services, systems and products.

In this way we support the growth of businesses and the development of a new generation of talents.


We thank our clients for giving us the chance to work on so much cool stuff.

Tag, search and find: Article tagging for NRC Media

The online find-ability through search engines for editorial articles is of great importance for the Dutch newspaper NRC, both on and other websites. When visitors use the search engine on the NRC website for a specific topic, the search engine shows multiple suggestions for articles. These articles are selected on related headlines and article content.

We have developed an application which generates content-related tags. These tags are based on the frequency a word is used, in the article and in the total database. The addition of tags speeds up the search action and optimizes the suggestions for related articles. This is a project which characterizes Young Mavericks since we convert abstract data to a concrete solution, a solution which adds value to the end user.

Scan & shop for Deen supermarkets

More and more people want to know exactly which nutrients and ingredients the products they buy consist of, either for health, medical of sustainability reasons. The often long and tiring scanning of labels in search of the right products can make a supermarket visit a long and unpleasant task. Therefore, Young Mavericks has developed an application which does the scanning for you.

Are you in a Deen supermarket and is our app running? Our app will now ask you to fill in the ingredients you do not want you eat and your allergies. After adding your preferences, the application starts the camera function and is ready to help you with your groceries.

Do you want to know if a products is suitable for you? Scan the product with your phone and the app tells you directly whether this product suits your preferences. The application also contains the option to scan multiple items at the same time, which results in a quicker and more pleasant shopping experience.

One algorithm for hundreds of thousands of books for Centraal Boekhuis

Centraal Boekhuis has over 145 years of experience in logistic services and distribution of books and e-books. Also, Centraal Boekhuis offers logistic solutions for het healthcare sector.

Together with Centraal Boekhuis, we constructed an algorithm to support the editorial work of the ISBN-team. Our algorithm combines metadata about books with image recognition techniques in order to generate an information request for the ISBN-team. A request will be generated automatically when a new scan of a page is made.

The algorithm generates an offer with the necessary information. One can think of the name of an author or illustrator, or data on the version or year of publication of a book. This way a lot of manual work can now be done digitally, saving the editor time for more important business.

With 120 beats per minute along the track

M-lab is the innovation team of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) focussing on new apps. The NS is the most important public transport company in the Netherlands. Their goal: Providing commuters with the most diverse experiences to make their travels as pleasant as possible, sometimes handy and informative, sometimes just for fun. Our AR silent disco app is a good example.

Imagine heading for a festival or concert. In that case the anticipatory pleasure is part of the experience. This is exactly what our AR silent disco app has to offer. On board of some of the NS trains you’ll find augmented reality (AR)-spots. Walk towards the AR-spot, open the app and start the silent disco experience on your phone. The app will run a nice and suitable dj-set, combined with atmosphere improving animations in your train compartment.

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