About us

The world is changing faster than ever before. Technological innovation is turning business models upside down and causes an unprecedented increase in competition. Besides, trends show consumers become more demanding and have more choice and less patience.

In order to cope with this rapidly changing world, organizations are in need of people who can effectively adjust business strategies and implement sustainable innovations, people who are able to enhance customer relations and form a worthy addition to existing teams.

There are people who are able to create those chances and are able to put them in concrete terms, persistent talents who are not afraid of taking the responsibility to induce innovation. We call them Mavericks and we educate these talents so we can connect them with our partners.

Bleach work floors. Going for business and talent growth.

Young Mavericks focusses on the future-proofness of organizations and talent. We are digital thinkers who do. Sometimes stubborn, but always eager. Eager to be different. Eager to be better.

To achieve this, we work with traineeships and projects linked to the most recent and important technological developments, in which passionate talents will awaken companies with their specific knowledge and enrich the companies with new services, systems and products.

In this way we support the growth of businesses and the development of a new generation of talents.