Life after Young Mavericks

My name is Deborah, I am 29 years old and I work at CB as a data scientist. CB, formerly Centraal Boekhuis (Central Bookhouse), is the largest logistics service provider in the field of books, media and healthcare. I have found the organization to have a very open and friendly environment that gives every employee the opportunity to carry out various data science projects.

I came to Young Mavericks after attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology and a Master’s degree in Neuroscience, but without much professional experience in my field. I was drawn to Young Mavericks by their contagious enthusiasm and I admired the connections and partnerships they maintained with other businesses.

Starting at Young Mavericks

I was excited to start my new career when the first data science traineeship began in April 2017. I joined a team of new people who all came with different backgrounds in data science. Quite quickly, strangers became colleagues and friends. The training provided meaningful contact with the group by working together in the same environment and sharing our experiences and what everyone had encountered throughout the process. This has been really valuable because it was so educational. Moreover, the trainers were very pleasant and approachable and their guidance helped the two-month training period run very smoothly.

Working at the partner

Two weeks before the two-month training ended, I was invited to apply for a job at CB. It seemed too good to be true, but luckily we clicked and I was assigned to work there. I had a warm welcome at CB and joined a whole new team. Our first task as a team was to take a number of questions from which we could make representations demonstrating the value of data science for the company. My individual project at CB therefore consisted of various assignments, which is a unique prerogative when starting out. My first assignments have included making prognoses for books that have been processed in one day, making predictions for the finance department and text mining. I was able to apply the skills I learned at Young Mavericks immediately. Moreover, I learned about the business world, the way companies think and how they approach projects beforehand, this was a big advantage.

The value of Young Mavericks’ training  

What I liked best was the open atmosphere at Young Mavericks, the contact and networking with the people in my team, the trainers and guest speakers all with whom I could share many experiences.

What does it take to be a successful data scientist?

Be prepared to learn a lot of new things in a short time, have a real passion for researching and working through data to solve problems. Also important is the desire to continually learn and develop; techniques are changing rapidly, so it is essential to stay aware of recent developments.

After Young Mavericks

I would not have ended up employed at CB without the connections Young Mavericks keeps with the business community. I am very grateful to Young Mavericks for the professional development opportunities they offer. Their training process combined professional development with a personal touch and helped guide me through the transition between education and business. Undoubtedly, Young Mavericks led me to my new career and the person I am today.

NIBC Case: Performing Analyses Faster through Machine Learning

NIBC Bank and Young Mavericks started a text data mining proof-of-concept at the Agency Management and Operations departments. Text mining is a form of analysis in which relevant information is extracted from large amounts of text material. The solution supports the banks’ employees to provide clients with accurate and relevant information, almost in real-time. By automating document review processes, employees can focus on offering personalized customer services to their clients and leave the routine analyses to machines. The application is ready for implementation.

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Machines Learning the Lay of the Land and Signaling Mutations

The Netherlands is defined by water and our ability to manage it. In order to manage it we have to monitor it, and monitoring it requires large sets of input data and their analyses. Using machines to automate these data processes brings 21st century tools to the long tradition of Dutch water management. Young Mavericks specializes in the design, data mining and analysis, and machine learning aspects of digital technology and then trains data scientists to apply the technology with an open mind to diverse contexts. Our model allows different companies and organizations to gain freshly trained talent ready to meet the demands of specific data and information analysis. One of our recent governmental partners required up-to-date analysis of geographic mapping representing the complex blend of land and water under its jurisdiction.

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