Meet Lisa: Realizing Young Mavericks’ Core Value of Personal Development

I’ve been a coach and trainer at Young Mavericks for two years now, since the company was founded. My coaching focuses on personal development, which translates to increasing consultants’ self-awareness and reflection on how their work habits and behaviours may affect others. My role here is to ensure that Young Mavericks’ consultants have access to professional development centered on empowering them to achieve their personal and career goals.

My role involves trust and discretion; consultants should feel comfortable coming to me with confidential matters, such as, absence, conflicts, intimidation and personal problems. As a confidant, I offer a listening ear, a space to vent, but I can also – anonymously and with permission – take action when needed to help resolve any issues.  We want to make sure that everyone feels supported and comfortable in their working environment.

Why I chose this role and Young Mavericks

I have chosen to work in this field because I enjoy research and analysis on social and psychological questions. A coaching role fit naturally for me and I enthusiastically delved into learning what it took to help others.  I found coaching conversations fun, interesting and satisfying, so I made them my work.

I chose Young Mavericks because I am fascinated by the current technology industry. It’s really cool to see and hear the most recent developments and watch the consultants deploy them to support a diverse range of businesses and organizations. Other than that, I am a big fan of the way that Young Mavericks conducts business. They always seem to be very relaxed.

Added value

I handle various topics during the training such as expectation management, interviewing, setting boundaries and the protocols and strategies for customer partnerships. We also cover themes such as focus, increasing work productivity and job satisfaction.

The training allows us to dive deeper into the topics and practice them in order to provoke new insights and behaviors. For example, when dealing with a difficult conversation with a new client, what are the choices and options at your disposal and how can you persuade others to your idea or method?

I strive at Young Mavericks to develop trainees into consultants, get them into the right headspace for their assignment, so that they have the confidence to succeed. We accomplish this by continually improving on a variety of skills that contribute to expectation management and fostering work relations that result in impressive projects and happy clients.

NIBC Case: Performing Analyses Faster through Machine Learning

NIBC Bank and Young Mavericks started a text data mining proof-of-concept at the Agency Management and Operations departments. Text mining is a form of analysis in which relevant information is extracted from large amounts of text material. The solution supports the banks’ employees to provide clients with accurate and relevant information, almost in real-time. By automating document review processes, employees can focus on offering personalized customer services to their clients and leave the routine analyses to machines. The application is ready for implementation.

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Machines Learning the Lay of the Land and Signaling Mutations

The Netherlands is defined by water and our ability to manage it. In order to manage it we have to monitor it, and monitoring it requires large sets of input data and their analyses. Using machines to automate these data processes brings 21st century tools to the long tradition of Dutch water management. Young Mavericks specializes in the design, data mining and analysis, and machine learning aspects of digital technology and then trains data scientists to apply the technology with an open mind to diverse contexts. Our model allows different companies and organizations to gain freshly trained talent ready to meet the demands of specific data and information analysis. One of our recent governmental partners required up-to-date analysis of geographic mapping representing the complex blend of land and water under its jurisdiction.

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