Meet Sylvia: discovering your growth potential together

At Young Mavericks we strive to develop trainees into consultants, get them into the right headspace for their assignment, so that they have the confidence to succeed. We accomplish this by continually improving on a variety of skills that contribute to expectation management and fostering work relations that result in impressive projects and happy clients.

What is your role at Young Mavericks? 

I work as a coach and trainer Personal Development at Young Mavericks, through my own company GripFound. 

Why did you choose a career as a coach? Why at Young Mavericks?

I am a graduated Occupational-and Organizational Psychologist  and I am specialized in training and coaching people in the field of personal and professional development. Discovering and developing insights into yourself, your possibilities and skills and then taking action; that’s what I help you with. In order to increase your personal effectiveness at work and thus to develop as a professional.

That is also the reason why I work as a trainer and coach. I want you to experience that through development, you can deal with things a lot easier, have a better understanding of yourself and others and make conscious choices in what you want and how you want it. If a penny suddenly drops with my coachee during conversations, it can give such freedom and so many possibilities arise!

Through Frank (Manager Operations) I started a conversation about a role as trainer/coach within Young Mavericks. I enjoy working for Young Mavericks because of what the company offers their trainees; a wonderful traineeship with plenty of development opportunities and an employer that invests heavily in its people. I see the bridge that the Young Mavericks traineeship builds between studying and the business world as very valuable for both trainees and clients.

Why Human Skills VS Hard Skills? 

As a professional you need hard skills to be able to carry out your work substantively and you need human skills to be able to communicate about your work, to be able to collaborate with people who may act differently than you, to provide constructive feedback. being able to give and receive, and to gain insight into the goals and needs of your discussion partner from your role as a consultant. A small selection of the possibilities of human skills.

Therefore, as far as I’m concerned, it’s not about human skills versus hard skills, but about ‘and’. These two types of skills are inextricably linked. And this is preaching for your own parish, but human skills are perhaps even more difficult to learn.

What is the added value of these training? 

Creating insights and awareness about human skills and working on applying them. If you understand what you normally do, you hold the key to making a different choice. In addition, we do a lot on autopilot. I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and do or say something different than usual. You will see that this is where your growth potential lies! 

Caeli: The Sky Is Not the Limit in Measuring Particulate Matter in the Atmosphere

Measuring by Satellite

Caeli is a startup dedicated to providing insight into air quality with a view from above. The satellites orbiting our planet provide their end-users with chronological and (near) real-time information. Satellite imagery can be a cheaper and more readily available option than remote sensing as a tool for measuring the molecular composition of our atmosphere. Generating maps displaying particulate matter such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ammonia (NH3), Methane (CH4) and Ozone (O3) can help the public and government understand how changes to the atmosphere may affect health or influence the climate.

An enormous amount of visual and quantitative satellite data needs to be processed to create these real-time insights. Copernicus Sentinel imagery offers Caeli historical insights to observe change in air quality over time. The raw multispectral and geographically calibrated source data must not only be able to be processed quickly but also organized chronologically and stored overtime in accessible files. The original Caeli database was not scalable enough to support these data streams, so we needed a new architecture. 

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ELT, ETL and Data Pipelines: loading Data in an Automated Manner and how to do it yourself

My name is Don and I am something between a data engineer and a data scientist. I automate repetitive tasks, generate insights from the data, manage projects and I often help in an advisory role for these processes. I especially enjoy the creative process required to solve problems using data.

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