How do you cope with the extremely fast technological changes as an organization and how do organizations deal with developments which might have huge impact on existing business processes?

Pioneering in the digital domain

In our opinion, pioneering in the digital domain asks for quality and flexibility. In which three components are combined: market knowledge, software development and user friendly design.

Does new software or a specific update grant new opportunities for your organization? With us it is possible to directly test new applications, because our programs always contain the latest software and software updates. Therefore, we enjoy pioneering together with our partners in the field of research & development.

The way we work? We connect your company’s opportunities with our Mavericks. We work in accordance to the agile and scrum method and deliver our prototype within the first month. Afterwards we will discuss the prototype together and analyse which steps have to be taken in order to reach full implementation.

From project to program

Projects are always part of continuing programs. Each program covers one and a half year period in which our Young Mavericks start with an eight week full time training program, before they’ll start the projects for our partners. These projects are well controlled by our trainers, senior-experts and project managers.

Our job is to make the possibilities of new technology tangible for organizations, from draft and planning to implementation. In order to do so, we use various areas of expertise in our programs. Depending on each different project, our specialists will analyse what knowledge and which techniques are most suitable.

The projects we run, range from simple prototypes to putting together and managing a complete and multidisciplinary team who deliver a product from draft version to implementation.

This makes a partnership with Young Mavericks always relevant for organizations who want to be leading the way in the field of new technology.

Our programs are custom-made

Our self-developed programs are constantly being updated. This enables us to show the possibilities of new technology and, most important, directly implement the new techniques.

Young Mavericks focusses on two different domains: native mobile development and data science with a focus on machine learning.