What Do We Offer Your Organization?

Young Mavericks creates impactful, sustainable value from data. We do this in several ways:

  • Our multidisciplinary team of data experts strengthens your organization
  • Our Proof of Concepts provide insight into the data-driven value we can provide your business
  • Our motivated trainees are a valuable addition to any team and can be employed free of charge after their traineeship
  • We are happy to share our expertise through consultancy, training and workshops

Young Mavericks guides organizations from start to finish in their data-driven transformation. That is how we elevate your company.

A Multidisciplinary Team of Data Experts

Young Mavericks is convinced that a multidisciplinary approach produces the optimal solution. Our integrated working method - in which our consultants, data engineers and data scientists work and train together - helps us form skillful teams ready to carry out large-scale projects together. With our proven approach and a healthy dose of imagination and creativity, Young Mavericks' teams coordinate together to achieve sustainable results.

The composition of our teams depends on the context of their assignment; each project group, at the very least, has expertise in data engineering, data science and data consultancy. Our teams support organizations during their data-fueled transformation: they activate employees, generate use cases, define roadmaps, perform analyses and develop, model and construct architectures.

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Proof of Concept

Developing a data-driven working method is a new process for many organizations. We therefore lead our partners by the hand by developing a Proof of Concept together. This gives organizations the opportunity to gain initial insights on the potential value of their data and to start working on data-driven methods to tease out that value. It is a taste of what’s to come, and from there, we can collectively determine the benefits and feasibility of the process.

After developing a Proof of Concept, we enter the next phase of the process. For a period of three to six months, Young Mavericks provides extensive professional guidance and consultancy. At the end of this process, the organization receives a tailor-made software system in-house, understands the numerous advantages of clear information and data-driven working and - most importantly - the company has the tools to further shape the data-driven optimization.

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Motivated Trainees

Young Mavericks works with absolute top talent, after choosing carefully through an intensive selection procedure. During a 14-months-period, our trainees receive 52 days of training - starting with eight weeks of full-time knowledge transfer at our office. Young Mavericks’ homegrown data scientists and data engineers are driven professionals, equipped with extensive technical expertise we exploit the power of cooperation to reach innovative resolutions.

Our trainees are a valuable addition to any team and ready to guide organizations in their data-driven transformation – during their traineeship, but possibly thereafter too. After one year of full-time deployment, our data scientists and data engineers can be employed by our customers at no extra cost through a detavast construction (secondment agreement).

Consultancy, Trainings and Workshops

We pull out all the stops to create value from data for our partners. We are happy to stray from the beaten path in offering any other services that could add value to their data-driven transformation. The type of services depends on the project and progress made. Over the last couple of years, we have perfected our various services, such as speed date sessions, maturity checks, the scoping of use cases, and workshops and training on location. Now, these services are an important part of Young Mavericks’ consultancy.

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