Young Mavericks Data Science and Data Engineering Traineeships

Young Mavericks offers two unique programs: a data science traineeship and a traineeship focused on data engineering. Both traineeships start simultaneously with eight weeks of paid full-time training at our Amsterdam office. We have developed these programs in collaboration with clients and experts from the business community. We thoroughly evaluate and optimize our traineeships on a yearly base, so that, together with our partners, we are able to operate at the frontline of the latest data developments.

Both Young Mavericks' traineeships emphasize the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration and change management. During their traineeship, our data scientists and data engineers immerse themselves in one of the disciplines, but also practice collaborating with other specialists on scalable, data-driven processes. In this way, we ensure that our motivated trainees can be optimally deployed in any team.

Traineeship Data Engineering

Young Maverick's new data engineering traineeship begins with an intensive training period, in which trainees receive a variety of courses from experts in the field. At the same time, trainees set up their first server and master the craft of connecting a database. Additionally, the trainees get familiar with working in a cloud environment, are taught to set up data pipelines, program APIs and discover the range of possibilities available in the latest tools and techniques.

Traineeship Data Science

Within our data science traineeship, we accentuate machine learning and consultancy. Our data scientists are offered a large number of thematic training courses - mainly focused on machine learning, but also on consultancy, data visualization, privacy by design and data management. In this way, the trainees learn how to translate the problems, requirements and wishes of customers into targeted solutions.

Multidisciplinary Cyclic Collaboration

Experience has taught us that solutions improve greatly when problems are analyzed and tackled from a multidisciplinary perspective. For this reason, both Young Mavericks traineeships underline the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. We stimulate cross-fertilization between data engineers and data scientist and ensure that both groups of trainees continuously learn from each other's knowledge and skills.

A diverse group of experienced trainers stimulates our trainees to jointly solve issues in short multidisciplinary design sprints. This structured collaboration between data engineers and data scientist advances their learning curves, stimulates awareness, promotes autonomy and helps them adopt a company-oriented attitude. In addition, the trainees learn to give and receive feedback, actively participate in collaborations and improve their implementation skills.

What Does Our Traineeship Offer You? You will...

  • begin with an eight-week full-time paid training program
  • learn to approach problems and solutions in a multidisciplinary way
  • acquire the most relevant, latest technical data skills
  • have the opportunity to work with former Young Mavericks trainees at leading organizations in the Netherlands
  • become part of Young Mavericks' informal, innovative and ambitious network

What Former Trainees Say About Young Mavericks Traineeships

Bas de Jong

Bas de Jonge

"Young Mavericks has helped me further develop my personal and professional skills. During my traineeship, I was fortunate to work on interesting projects at many different companies. And I am still learning something new every day."

Sanne Ypenburg

Sanne Ypenburg

"My second assignment with Young Mavericks was with the Open State Foundation, where I was engaged in research on the finances of the World Bank. The results of our research were even eventually discussed in the Dutch House of Representatives!"

Erik de Vries

Erik de Vries

"The traineeship at Young Mavericks gave me all the tools I needed to get started as a data scientist. And that's not all, Young Mavericks was also able to direct me to a company that suits me perfectly - both in terms of sector and job description."

Bob Oudejans

Bob Oudejans

"Young Mavericks works smart, with eager to learn, young and enthusiastic people that are committed to improving themselves every day. Due to the relatively small size of the company, everything goes at a fast pace and there is a lot of emphasis on and room for personal and professional growth."

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